Things to do in Daytona Beach

Photos of the Daytona Beach Area and beyond the beach

Here’s a page devoted to photos, nothing but pictures and images of places at Daytona Beach and beyond the beach.  Hope you like them!

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Stormy sunrise over Daytona Beach, so pretty!




This was a great experience!  It’s rare to see a turtle return to the sea after laying eggs because it’s usually done at night, but this mama was struggling to get back to the waves and I was lucky enough to be there!  It took her awhile, but she made it!


Another great experience a few weeks later, there where baby turtles slowly making their way to the ocean! How lucky am I to have witnessed both of these events, not many people ever get to see this!  Amazing!  Don’t worry, we were just guiding them in the right direction, they got confused with all the people around, no one was hurt and they made it safety!

During the winter months the manatees seek warmer water so they go inland to Blue Springs.  Read more about Blue Springs on the Things to Do page.



We took so many pictures the day we went to Blue Springs, it’s hard to pick.  But going to put just a few of manatees and gators here so you get the idea.  So beautiful and fun!







I guarantee if you’re visiting the Daytona Beach, Fl area and you stay in a hotel it will have this view from the pool.  Almost all the hotels have beach side pools with steps down to the ocean.   So awesome!


I love walking on the beach early in the morning.  And it never ceases to amaze me what I come across on a regular basis.  Here’s something that was so surprising, sitting in the middle of the beach, staring at me was a sand sculpture of an owl, so I just stared back for a while.


Daytona Beach has great fishing.  Okay, not being a fisherman, it just looks like a great way to spend a morning.



We are so lucky to live here.  Daytona Beach is on an inlet, so not only are we blessed with a fabulous sunrise, but we get the pleasure of relaxing after a day on the beach with a picturesque sunset.


If you have ever been in Florida or are a resident, you know that weather is always changing.  As the saying goes if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes cause it’ll change.  This photo is a perfect example of a short storm rolling through.


There are a bunch of little snack shacks and restaurants on the beach.  It’s nice to just relax and enjoy a bite or a cocktail while people watching.



You have got to visit the Ponce Inlet lighthouse.  A wonderful museum devoted to the men and women who were pioneers in this area.  It’s a long way to the top, but worth it.



We love to kayak!  There are so many, many waterways in the Daytona Beach area to enjoy this sport.  It’s fun to explore and see unspoiled Florida! This was taken at Cracker Creek.  Read more about Cracker Creek on the Things to do Page.



Everybody’s got a big fish story! We believe you!  Great thing about this area, if you like to fish, and you have a fishing rod, where ever you are, your within walking distance of putting your line in the water.


Surrounding the Daytona Beach area is also beautiful country side.  Lots of horses and farmland scattered about.  So take time to drive out of the city to see whats around.



An example of a tree lined driveways in the country. Just the way things should be.



We’ll continue to add to this page as time goes on.  We love photo’s!  So keep coming back to check on our progress.

See you at the Beach!