Things to do in Daytona Beach

Iron Axe Sports Bar and Grill





2842 S. Ridgewood Ave

South Daytona, FL 32119


Dodaytona is always looking for new and fun things to do in Daytona Beach.  Until the Iron Axe Sports Bar and Grill opened in South Daytona, we had no idea that axe throwing was a thing.  It is amazing how popular it’s become and the Iron Axe is the place to be. What a great way to get out with some friends for a unique experience throwing axes. Axe throwing has become a main stream sport and it’s here in Daytona Beach.

Axe Throwing

The Iron Axe has 6 standard WATL lanes and targets.  Each lane can accommodate up to ten people and it’s $20.00 an hour per person.  There are a few rules, like you must wear closed toed shoes, adult beverages are monitored and they will either stop serving you or ask that you stop throwing if they feel you’ve had to many.  There are always Axe Monitors there to instruct and help.

Bar and Grill

On the restaurant side of the Iron Axe, it’s a very sports bar atmosphere with a full bar with a big range of sports to watch.  The menu is extensive and the food is amazing. From grilled salmon to chicken wings, the menu items do not disappoint.  There also is an outside covered full bar that the locals love.

There is lots of free parking and on some weekends they have a corn hole tournament as well.  So even if your not into throwing axes yourself, it is still fun to come and watch others try their hand at it.

Of course, DoDaytona supports all locally owned and operated businesses and encourage others to also.  So if your looking for something different to do with your friends and family, give the Iron Axe Sports Bar and Grill a try.

See you at the Beach!