Things to do in Daytona Beach

Our Deck Down Under

78 Dunlawton Ave

Port Orange/Daytona Beach


Whadyamean There’s No Table Service?

Located underneath the Dunlawton Bridge, Our Deck Down Under has a unique but efficient ordering  protocol.  You order and pay at the counter when walking in, give them your name and then when your food is ready, the servers walk the dining room calling out your name to find you.  It’s very fun and the location and fresh seafood are worth it.

Pick a seat

You seat yourself in the completely outdoor dining area.  Expect no air conditioning, but a great breeze and plenty of covered seating.  This is a favorite with our friends who frequent there not only because of the fresh seafood, but also because they know in the early evening, dolphin sightings are almost guaranteed.  Also, don’t be surprised if your joined by feathered dinner guests.  Lunch and dinners start around $7.95 and go up from there, they do have a veggie burger, but most everything on the menu is seafood, of course.  Parking is easy, just under the Dunlawton Bridge beachside.

See you at the beach!