Things to do in Daytona Beach

Daytona Flea & Farmers Market

2987 Bellevue Ave

Daytona Beach


3 Miles of Shopping

When your looking for things to do in Daytona Beach Florida for free, this is the place.  They have EVERYTHING!  From collectibles to clothes and shoes.  There’s an on site nursery for your greenery needs, jewelry stores, rows and rows of purses, art, pots, pans and other kitchen needs.  You can get a tattoo after you’ve had a tarot reading and a haircut.  Buy your electronics and then pet a puppy at the pet stores.  Buy your golf and bingo supplies and then get your belly button pierced.  And have I mentioned the hats and leather and Harley Davidson and biker items?

Locally Grown Produce

This speaks for itself.  Whether your visiting or you live here, beautiful seasonal produce is for everyone.  In this section of the market you’ll find all things local.  In addition to the produce, you’ll find local honey, nuts, spices and a fish market.  There’s some fresh bread, yummy pastries and cakes, and let’s not forget the jerky of all types.

Other Stuff

There are also some restaurants and the snack shacks.  They do serve beer in the snack shacks along with the usual, hot dogs, pretzels, etc.  I highly recommend the lemonade, great for a hot day.

While there are some buildings that have air conditioning, it is primarily an open air market.  Most of the market is covered with fans going at all times so the air is moving, but I still suggest wearing cool comfortable clothes in the summer, with walking shoes all year round.  Try to get to every nook and cranny because you just never know what your going to find!

See you at the Beach!