Things to do in Daytona Beach

Jackie Robinson Ball Park

Jackie Robinson Ballpark
105 East Orange Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL

Play Ball!

Opening as Daytona City Island Ballpark in 1914, the name changed in 1989 to Jackie Robinson Ballpark because it served as the first racially integrated game in baseball history.  Home to the Daytona Beach Cubs, the ballpark has 4,300 seats and from April through August is a great place to see a Minor League baseball game.  We love this ballpark! Every seat is a good one and it’s always fun.

Peanuts, Popcorn & Crackerjacks

We were at the opening game back in April and it was awesome!  They had a great opening show featuring sky divers from nearby Deland who dropped in on the pitcher’s mound, to throw out the first ball and lots of in between innings games for prizes for kids and adults alike.

Home Run!

Playing to a sold out park, the home team didn’t disappoint, winning the game 7 to 2.  While the audience is encouraged to keep any foul balls that may come their way, we chose to sit behind the net under the safety of covered seating.  Parking is free and we usually park in the courthouse annex building lot, but you can also park by the library.  It’s a very short walk to the ballpark.  Tickets for general admission are $7.00 for adults and $6.00 for kids under 13.   Who doesn’t love a baseball game?  So much fun! Enjoy!      

See you at the Beach!